zondag 15 januari 2012

Teeny tiny update

Good afternoon and a (delayed) happy new year!

I hope no one lost any limbs when playing with fireworks and had a lovely new year's eve!

I started this post about two weeks ago, but so far I didn't have the time to finish it yet (actually I don't have the time at the moment either, as I should be studying for all the tests I have in the upcoming week).
I don't remember if I told you that I found a hostfamily? Well, found is not actually the right word, as Tom (yes, my dad's friend) and his wife Amanda just agreed to take me in for those two weeks. Which is really good! Because now all that's really left for me to do is book a planeticket.

But I can't do that yet, because: I remember telling you about the uni's in Scotland and I can happily tell you that I emailed both uni's of Dundee and Stirling. Stirling answered almost right away and they're busy organising my visit on May 11th at 1.30pm!
So I will be going to Scotland and afterwards fly to London for my work experience!
I am now waiting for an answer from Dundee, because I need to know whether we're going there as well in order to book a flight, hotel and car with my dad :'D

Also, I now have another reason to be excited about going to London! Because, one my very good friends, Charissa, will also be having her work experience in London! She got accepted at some four-star hotel named The Zetter (I looked it up on the internet and it looked really fancy).
And my other good friend, Vera, is probably also going to London! She already has a hostfamily and they're trying to arrange a work experience for her and we're both very anxious to find out whether that worked out.

On Monday May 14th it will be Charissa's 17th birthday and we, the three of us, already decided that we will go to the London Eye for a ride/flight to celebrate! (:

Well, that's pretty much all I have to tell you for now.

I'll keep you posted,