maandag 28 mei 2012


Yesterday was my last full day in London. I actually didn't really know what to do, so I went to Westfield in Stratford City (so not upon-Avon, though I do want to go there once), which is a very big shopping mall. Charissa had been there and told me about it.

I got up later than usual: at 9am! (The past two weeks I've been getting up between 7 and 8)
At about 11am I was at the tube station. I took the District Line to West Ham and there took the Jubilee Line to Stratford.
The first thing I did was look for a Boots: I had been sneezing in the tube constantly and the days before the sneezing had gotten worse as well, so it was time to do something about this hayfever!
Well, Boots was still closed, so I went to the Primark that was next to it (not for hayfever-medicines :P). I didn't really feel like browsing their humongous amounts of clothes, so I only bought two pairs of flats, because the ones that I have at home have become very ugly (plus one of them has run off).
After standing in the queue for ages (it was insanely long) I went to Boots and got the pills (and it was 1 + 1 for free :P). Instant relief!

I didn't really do any shopping: I bought wrapping paper for all the souvenirs I've got for my family and a book, because I had finished the other book I was reading.
I also bought a 'brezel'/pretzel! It wasn't as good as the original German ones, but still very nice!
When I was there I was also able to see the Olympic park from a little distance as well as the Orbit-tower. I read the paper the other day and they want that weird tower to become as important to Britain as the Eiffeltower is to France. Weirdos. I don't think that tower will ever replace Benny or the London Eye as one of the most famous British buildings.

I went back at I think 4pm or something and had supper with Tom and Amanda (we ate at 5, because they had to go to an evening mass).
When they were out I retreated to my room and wrapped up all the presents. I also started filling my hand luggage (in which I can also carry 23kg) and now it's quite full. It's got most of my books in it, so I think neither of my suitcases will exceed the 23kg.
I also checked in online and then went downstairs to join Tom and Amanda outside in the garden. They gave me a jar of Tom's homemade raspberry jam and a jar of homemade marmalade and also a pot of ground coffee (the pot looks really nice :P). They were very happy with the chocolate bar from Honeyduke (:
When we got back inside I said goodbye to Amanda, because I won't see her anymore today and she wished me luck with getting into Stirling (she thinks Stirling is better than Dundee :P) and also told me that I was really easy to be around (:
After having pictures taken with both of them, I went to bed.

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