woensdag 9 mei 2012

Can you believe it?

I know I certainly don't! I just can't believe I'm leaving tomorrow! I'll be waking up an hour earlier than I'd wake up for school, but I'm not going to school! That's so weird, because all of my friends and other classmates do have to go to school.
Today Soshannah, Talitha and I had a very dramatic goodbye-saying: lots of hugs and "BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"s. Quite fun, actually. It is weird though, that I won't be seeing them for two weeks and a half without having actual holidays.

Right now, my dad and I trying to deal with a drastic last minute problem: my suitcase is broken. It's still brand-new, I've never used it before, but when I closed it and lifted it to its wheels, it turned out one of the hinges is broken! It looks like the screws weren't screwed in correctly in the factory, because now the holes that the screws were in, have been widened.
God, I hate this. I'd been dying to get my own suitcase, I finally bought one, and the day before I'm leaving (after Hema, where I'd purchased it, had closed), it turns out my suitcase is broken!
My dad is going to try to use some thicker screws, but to be honest, I don't have that much faith in it. In five minutes we'll know...

Okay, my suitcase now looks like it might hold for a while (YAY FOR DADS!), but I'm still really disappointed that it was just broken like that! So I sent a complaint to the firm, we'll see what they'll do with it.

Tomorrow morning I'll have to get up at 6 and at 7.15 we're leaving for Schiphol. My dad already checked us in, so we only need to get rid of our my luggage (I really fear that my suitcase might be too heavy...).

So yeah. We now also have a B&B in Dundee, which is good, because I don't want to sleep in the car tomorrownight.

My suitcases are packed. I've got stroopwafels with me, to give to nice people. I'm going to put my iPod in my bag after I finished writing this. So I guess that's it.

I'm leaving tomorrow. God, it's so weird that it's finally happening! Since last June I've been looking forward to this, and now I'm really going to experience it!

I'll keep you posted,

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