vrijdag 21 september 2012

Everything's changed.

Woops, Summer vacation's already over and I still haven't published this post.
Well, this is what I had been writing but never finished:

Sorry for not writing this any earlier, but I’ve been quite tired and busy for the past couple of day. Besides, with the amount of homework to catch up on (unfortunately my fellow, non-bilingual, classmates didn’t stop working when we were gone), I’m trying to keep my use of my laptop to a minimum (for at least a couple of days).
On Monday I had set my alarm for 9am, I think. I spent a little time on my computer , took a shower, got dressed, ate breakfast at 10 and started to continue packing my suitcase.
As it turned out, I had gathered quite a lot of things during my two weeks’ stay in London and it was very hard to close my suitcase like it should.
After moving things a lot around and putting some more things from my big suitcase in my trolley, I managed to close the big one by applying the very old, well-known, often used in movies-tric: sitting on it and closing it.
In the end I managed!

Then Tom and I left for the airport. We got there pretty early, checked in my luggage and had something to eat/drink at a little café. There really wasn't much choice as to where to eat, because London City Airport really is incredibly small.
Eventually we said our goodbyes and I went through luggage-control. Well, remember the jam and marmalade Tom and Amanda gave me?
I first had it in my big suitcase, but it was too heavy, so we moved it to my carry-on as we thought it wasn't really liquid. Apparently, airport-security people don't see it as not liquid, so I had to let them take it out :(

After waiting a 15 minutes extra, due to a delay, I finally got to board the plane. I had to deal with finding space for my trolley, but I managed. So I sat down and started flicking through a magazine, when I felt something dripping from my nose. Well, at first I thought it was snot, but when it touched it, I saw my finger got red!
That's right: I was barely seated and my nose started bleeding!
Thankfully, the man next to me was so kind to fetch some paper towels for me and a little while later a steward gave me some more.

The flight was really relaxed and we also received something to drink and some crisps.
Oh and here comes the fun part: when we flew over Holland we also flew over the town where I live!! We flew quite low, so I got to see my house/town from the sky :D That was so cool!


So, I survived the last few weeks of year five and right after that went on holiday with my family, my sister's boyfriend and his parents.
It was a great holiday (we went to Saint-Pol-de-Léon, in Bretagne, France) and at the camping I met a very nice British girl, Elizabeth, who lives in France. We spent some fun nights at the beach and at the camping.

We went back to Holland after two weeks and I immediatly had to go back to work on Monday. The first week was fine; I also slept over at Vera's (who was home alone) the next Monday and with help of my dad we booked our B&B in Venice (yes, I'm going to Venice in October!).
But weirdly enough, that Wednesday my dad passed away. Really, no one saw it coming.
The cremation was the Wednesday after that.

At times I still can't quite grasp it's happened to us. But for some reason, I've always been more afraid of my dad dying instead of my mum. Maybe it's because I couldn't imagine the way my dad would respond if it had been my mum that had died.

So yeah. It's safe to say that quite a lot has changed since I've come back from London.
I'm now in my final year of high school and am working on my application for UCAS (you need to apply through UCAS if you want to apply to British uni's).
I'm currently thinking of applying to Stirling, Dundee, Derby and Goldsmiths (which is part of the Uni of London). But I'm not quite sure, yet and I also need a fifth option.

So even though I need to juggle school and the surreality of it all, I've got Venice to look forward to! We're going for five days and I can't wait!
But besides going to Italy for the very first time, I'll also be going there a second time this year!
In the Christmas break I'm going to Rome with my mum, Helen and Martine for four days (:

This has become a rather long blogpost, but I intend to keep blogging in the upcoming months, to keep you all updated on my uni application and travels!

Lots of love,

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