zondag 4 december 2011

Witches, stickers & families

Gooood evening!

Tonight I celebrated Sinterklaas (a traditionally Dutch holiday) with my family (= parents, sisters and wannabe-brother-in-law). And I received a few gifts which are definitely coming with me to London! I got stickers to stick on my grey suitcase, so it will look nicer (though I don't know whether Crazy Frog stickers will really make my suitcase look nicer...)
Also I got a book with all the must-sees and tips to visit when in London, which I will use for sure (:

I'm sooooo happy about that :D I just don't know where my seat is... I hope it's somewhere good!

So, what's this 'families' bit about? Well, my dad finally received an answer from his formerly-mentioned friend Tom, and Tom said that he and his wife are willing to accomodate me when I'm in London!
Which means: all that's really left for me to do is confirm with Tom and book a planeticket! Which shouldn't be too hard.. :P

I'll keep you posted,

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