maandag 14 november 2011

Michael O'Mara Books!

Helloooo again,

Okay, some days ago I explained to you that I had also received an email from Michael O'Mara books which I thought was kind of confusing. So I asked if I could get some clarification/explanation, hoping it would make me understand better what the woman was trying to tell me, and today I received an answer:

They are not taking on anyone anymore for 2011 (but I wasn't looking for a placement in 2011 anyway, so that's alright!). They however have a few people booked for 2012, but if I emailed what dates would be best for me, she'll try to fit me in!!!

So, I sent another reply with the dates and right now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed!

I'll keep you posted,

PS. Just to get in the 'LONDON-mood', I've found this absolutely hilarious song about the London Underground. Enjoy it!

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