zondag 13 november 2011

Why this blog?

Hello there!

I am Christa and at this night and in this hour, I decided to start blogging.
You're asking me why?
Well, in May 2012 I'll be going abroad to have a work experience. And I wanted to keep track of everything I will be doing when on that work experience and on the road to it, for myself and anyone else who wants to read about it.
This work experience is a part of the internationalization process that I agreed to be part of when I chose for bilingual education. Also, it is obligatory in order to take (and hopefully pass) my English A-level IB exam!

The work experience is like a two weeks internship and is ought to be in an English-speaking environment. I have to find a placement and a host family myself and I have until February 1st to do so!

The city I desire to go to: London!
I just loooove London! I've been there now three times, but when you add it all up, it was only for five days in total. So I just can't wait to spend TWO FULL WEEKS in LONDON <3

As for the work experience itself: the first thing that popped into my mind was a work experience at a book publisher. You see, I just love love love books and I also kinda love writing, so it would only be right for me to have this work experience at a book publisher!

Right now, three companies/people (out of the 18 people I mailed!) replied my emails and they sounded pretty much positive.

The first one to answer me was someone from Hackney Pirates (which isn't actually a book publisher, but more of a charity organization, I think)! That was last Tuesday. Of course, I was all happy and smiley, because she was the first one to answer me since I started emailing people in August!
The woman was actually quite positive, but she did want to call me first, and that phone call is probably going to take place somewhere in the upcoming week.

But then, totally unexpected, on Wednesday I received an answer from the publishing house of the Royal College of Nursing, which I had been able to contact because my dad has a friend who came up with this option. But they only offered one week...

THEN, I received another  reply, also on Wednesday, and this one was from Michael O'Mara Books! I had actually tried to call MOM on Monday (because in October I'd received a reply which said I should email again in November which was when they'd start scheduling work experiences, but they hadn't replied after a week, so I thought I'd give them a call), but no one answered. And BAM, Wednesday I received an email. It was from a different person though, because apparently they had some change in staff.
I actually think the email I received was a little (or actually quite much) vague. So I guess I'll have to send another reply to get some clarification, if they don't answer the other reply I sent.

And here we are now. I'm really excited to see where this all is heading and I can't wait to find out where I'll actually have my work experience in May, because right now, I have no idea where I'll end up.

I'll keep you posted,

PS. today I finally bought my OWN suitcase to travel with me :D I'm so happy ^^

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  1. Looking great!
    Got enthousiatic to do somehing like this too! Hope you don't mind!

    You are doing very well! Looking forward to your next post!