woensdag 25 april 2012

GLOBE Workbook

Well hello lovely people from planet Earth,
Today we received the GLOBE workbook (pictured above) at school, which is a workbook in which we'll have to fill in assignments when we are abroad for our work experiences, and I find it quite an odd workbook.
I have made some photographs of my favourite quotes.

First of all, when I arrive at Michael O'Mara Books I should walk straight past Madeleine or whoever will be waiting for me, to see where the emergency exits are and what the evacuation plans are. I will not leave to say hello and introduce myself until I have studied all the exits and plans carefully and know them by heart.

I will have to know them by heart, because school is going to check up on whether we do: some pages later in the workbook it is required to fill in if I saw these safety rules and if so, what they were.

Besides that, school encourages us not to be afraid to be emotional or feeling whatever. They've even demanded that we document the feelings we have on the first day (after we had to work) and after the last day of work.

It  all comes across to me as kind of silly, but whatever. It's required to put effort into filling in the workbook because if not, you won't get a sufficient for your work experience (yes, it will get marked).
What I didn't tell you before is that we will also have to give a presentation about it on the 7th of June. To my surprise (and slight disappointment, as it is the first presentation ever I looked forward to giving) the presentation ought to be just 10 minutes. Last year we, when we were in year 4, had to listen to four presentations from people who had been on work experience, but I think those presentations were each at least 20 minutes! I don't know how you can include it all in just 10!

Well, before I go, one last "tip" from the workbook:

I'll keep you posted,

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  1. This really reminds me of last year - I also kept some kind of blogspot/diary on the work experience. You should know, however, that I never handed in any of the assignments in that workbook and to be frank it didn't even matter. What's important is the presentation after you've returned. Just don't tell the Mrs. about that, alright? :)