dinsdag 3 april 2012

H to the Arry Potter

Hello sweet people,

We all know the books that J.K. Rowling wrote about some young wizard called Harry Potter. Most of us also know that these books have led to the biggest film-productions in the world and how much of a success these films were.
After the books came to an end, last year it was also time to say goodbye to the anticipation of yet another Harry Potter film: part 7.2 was finally released and concluded the story of Mr. Potter and his friends.

BUT! All hope is not lost yet, because one can still enjoy the wonderous world of wizards: first the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando came to life, but since March 31st 2012 (last Saturday), it is also possible to be wowed by the Harry Potter-world much closer to (my) home!

Can you guess where this is/I'm going?

That's right: The Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour - the tour that takes you through many of the billion sets that made Harry Potter. I've heard that you can even ride a broomstick (for quite the amount of money) and get your picture taken! Also, there's (of course) butterbeer available!

This weekend I booked a ticket to this Harry Potter Studio Tour for May 26nd at 1pm! (is anyone else going on that date?)
It actually was harder to book a ticket than I had expected: as it turned out, on the website of the tour ALL weekends in May had already been COMPLETELY booked and therefore were unavailable. I didn't think those tickets could even sell out (as in, I thought they'd just let anyone in who had pre-ordered a ticket for that date and time).
That's when I started searching the internet and coincidentally, after finding a ticket on eBay and then finding out it didn't ship to the Netherlands (*SIGH*), I found a website which told about Golden Tours and how they could help you getting to the tour. As it turned out, they don't just help with that: via Golden Tours I was able to book a ticket for the day I wanted and it includes transportation from London to the Tour!

I'm so glad I could get a ticket and it cost me the same as when I'd have gotten a ticket from the tour-website and have gone there on my own. It feels more relaxed to have the transportation taken care of for me: once I'm in the Golden Tours-bus I'll probably feel less doubtful about having taken the right one than I would have when having to get on a train.

That's pretty much all I've got say for now, except: ONLY 38 MORE DAYS! - time is flying so fast right now!

I'll keep you posted,

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