donderdag 26 april 2012

14 Days / 2 Weeks

I just can't decide which sounds shorter: 14 days or 2 weeks.... I actaully think it are the 14 days that sound shorter (to me of course, I don't know about you).
Tomorrow it will be only 13 more days and it sounds like a century shorter than 14 days! (notice the hyperbole?)

Today was quite a short day: re-examination, 2 hours of class (and during one of these hours I received my insurance card - school arranges an insurance for us during this work experience ^^) and then I had to go to Leiden to receive my certificate for the LAPP-top program Russian Studies, and after I came home I sat behind my laptop and ordered my Oyster Card!

Okay, to begin with: I'm really starting to dislike paying over the internet to British/American countries! They're so obsessed with creditcards!
At first I tried to order my Oyster Card via the official website, and it said you could pay with a Maestro card, so I was really happy "Yay, finally no creditcard!". But then the website claimed my card number was invalid, so I called my bank's customer service (thank you by the way for enlighting me!) and the guy on the phone said there's also a credit card version of a Maestro card and that that's the card they probably accept. "Yay! I can't pay on this website!"
Seriously, why are they so into credit cards? They're no good: what makes people think that if they can't buy something now, they later might have the money to pay it? So they get a credit card and pay back the credit later. If you don't have the money, just don't buy it or do it later!

Well, after the credit-card flop, Google quickly had ours paths cross with that of Thankfully here they also offered Oyster cards ánd it was possible to pay with iDEAL ("Yay for!").
So I ordered my card and that's where the Oyster story ends! I really wonder how they thought that name up... "Oyster" card... What does it stand for? Guess Google will tell me someday.

Besides that, my dad also rang to Scotland, to the Student Accomodation something of Stirling uni, to be precise.
You see, we received information about accomodation from the person in Stirling organizing our visit there and it turned out it was possible to stay overnight in a student dorm! Great, right? We figured we'd do that, because it would be an amazing experience!
So as I said, my dad called to arrange it this morning, but then he was told he couldn't stay there, because he is not a possible applicant.

Which leaves me in a dillemma, there are two options:
- My dad and I stay in a B&B
- I stay in a student dorm and my dad stays in a B&B

I really do not know what to decide. I'd love to experience what it's like to sleep in such a student dorm, but it also feels so stupid to go on a trip with my dad and then stay in separate places.
My mom says that maybe I should just go for the student dorm, because who knows whether I'll even end up studying there?

What would you do? Because I really can't make up my mind and we have to decide soon. Preferably tomorrow....

I'll keep you posted,

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  1. How about the both of you staying in a students' jungle? :3

    1. I honestly have no idea what a students' jungle would be? A jungle full of students? :'D