woensdag 2 mei 2012

It's getting closer and closer...

Today I hung out with my two previously mentioned, also London-bound friends, Vera and Charissa. Besides baking cupcakes and topping them with a frosting that didn't quite look like the picture did, we also went into town to see if we could find something for our host families/people from our work experience placements.

First, we went to this little shop that I actually had never been to before: I probably still wouldn't have been to it, if I hadn't accidentally walked passed it and looked inside last Friday.
It's, I believe, a shop/archive/centre with all kinds of history of our town, but they also sold some typical Dutch souvenirs (you know, with the blue/white print on them).
For instance, they had keychains and magnets looking like the wooden shoes on the side.

I ended up buying two tiny blue/white-like-the-wooden-shoes-on-the-side trays shaped like a teapot on which you can leave your used teabags, so you can use them again. I bought one for Tom and Amanda and one for Madeleine, I suppose.
Furthermore, I bought a square oven glove with an old mill on it (again in the blue/white print). Besides that, I also bought two postcards, but those are for Postcrossing (:
When we wanted to leave, the people working there also gave us two other postcards so we could show the people there what our town looks like. Unfortunately, these postcards are a little outdated and lots of the buildings that are on there are now gone/replaced or changed.
The people in the shop/archive/whateveritwas were really nice! Lovely people (:

Then we went to the bank so I could put all my piggybank-savings-for-London on my account and after some more useless walking around, we went home again.
That's when we booked our tickets to the London Eye! (we had to use a credit card, again! seriously! what's it with international financial traffic that makes it impossible to use something like iDEAL instead of a credit card?)

What I didn't mention yet, is that the plans regarding coming to London have, again, changed: my dad and I decided that it was to much of a hassle and it would be way too rushed if we travelled to London together by means of a ROADTRIP. Therefore, we decided that on Saturday May 12, he'll fly back to Amsterdam and I'll take the train from Edinburgh Waverley to London King's Cross.
So that's what we're doing!
The funny thing is, because some planes are a bit retarded and don't fly straight to Amsterdam from Edinburgh on Saturday afternoon, my dad is taking a flight which includes a transfer in... I bet you got it right: London!
His plane from London to Amsterdam takes off at about the same time my train arrives in London :P

Besides booking plane and train tickets this weekend, we also made a reservation at Calsay House, a B&B, in Stirling (yes, I decided that it would just suck for my dad to be alone while I'd be having fun in a student dorm, and I would probably feel very guilty, so I decided we should just find a place in a B&B) and we made a reservation for a rental car.

We also tried to get a room in a B&B in Dundee, but so far, we haven't been very successful, yet... It's getting a bit on my nerves, as we're leaving in 8 days!

I suppose it'll all get sorted in time and until then:

I'll keep you posted,

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