zaterdag 12 mei 2012

A Bunny per Student / Gateau of the Day

written yesterday evening, uploaded now

This morning we had breakfast in our B&B ‘Cullaig House’ in Dundee. During breakfast we had an interesting conversation with the owner and an Irish philosophy PhD-student who was also staying there (well, to be honest, I was just listening, while my dad talked with them).

After that, we packed up our things again, checked out and drove towards Stirling. We decided to avoid the M90 this time so we’d see a bit more of the beautiful country. We drove some interesting ways, passing villages that were smaller than I’ve ever seen. Also, there was lots of nature that reminded me of Wuthering Heights (though I did not actually read it, but we discussed it in English class!) and there were plenty of houses that could’ve served as the houses Cathy and Heathcliff lived in, as well as houses at an appropriate distance that could’ve been their ‘neighbours’’.  

On the way we stopped at ‘Mona’s coffeeshop’ where I treated my dad with a cappuccino and a scone and myself with a hot chocolate (including the ‘mallows and cream) and toasted tea cake. It was a very odd coffeeshop, but it was quite nice.

We got back on the road and shortly after we arrived in Stirling. We intended on visiting the Wallace monument, but due to lack of time we had to skip that, so we went to our B&B. We did however enter the giftshop where I bought this really ridiculous, but great mug.

At the B&B it turned out the owner wasn’t present, so we decided to head out for lunch, which we had at The William Wallace (a pub). When we left the pub, we found ourselves having less time left than expected, so we had to haste ourselves to get to the university in time. Thankfully, we were only five minutes late.

There we met the student recruiter, who was really nice and friendly. She told us about how things are done at Stirling and also what they look for in personal statements.

Then we (my dad and I, plus two other guys and a mother) were guided around campus by a student. The campus was really nice, but the halls of residences were quite disappointing after those at Dundee. Also, the Student Union was great, with enough little shops (I already found out where I need to buy my university-sweater when I get in!) and! Wait for it.... A STARBUCKS! That’s right. Really, who’d have thought? I know I didn’t expect it at all! Besides being a Starbucks on campus it was also cheaper than other Starbuckses that one usually visits.

Also, there was one striking thing about the very green campus: the amount of bunnies! They were literally everywhere! It was like a bunny-invasion. I think there might’ve been enough to give one to every student.

When we were finished at the university (and had something from Starbucks in the Union) we headed back to the B&B where we checked in and got to visit loo.

Afterwards we took the bus to the centre where we stumbled upon the most ridiculous thing: Stirling isn’t actually that much of a city with only 40,000 inhabitants and it isn’t quite big, but it has this amazingly big shopping mall! The downside of it is that all the shops close at 5.30am (even on Fridays!). The only shop that was still open, was Poundland. You know, in Holland we’ve got similar stores, but there those kinds of shops aren’t living up to their name and also sell things over a euro. Poundland, however, does not do this! EVERYTHING was a pound!

When we were done there and had succeeded in doing business, we took a stroll around the city and eventually sat down in an Indian restaurant for a bite.

As a starter, I had Chicken Puri and it was absolutely delicious. My main course, however, which was Nawabi Chicken Tikka was less good, but still edible. We were also offered a dessert card and there was a really interesting dessert on it. Namely, ‘Gateau of the Day’. Gateau being French, the restaurant being Indian. Yeah right, go figure.

After diner, we took a bus back to Causewayhead Road where our B&B, Calsey House, is situated.

Currently, my dad is watching a film (AKA being asleep) and I’m typing this. Unfortunately, there’s no WiFi here either. When the owner comes back I could perhaps ask for a password or so, but to be honest I don’t think we’ll see her again this evening. So hopefully I’ll be able to upload these posts when I’m at Tom & Amanda’s tomorrow evening.

I’ll keep you posted,

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