woensdag 23 mei 2012

They hate me!

The morning started with reading the papers at work and filtering out the 'important' stuff.
After that, I just continued with the ebook and at times I worked on my ideas for the colouring book.

Yesterday I was sooo tired. Oh my, to be honest, at one point when reading the ebook I almost fell asleep. Thankfully I then got something else to do.

At about 12.30, Charissa dropped by to see the place where I work and meet Maddy and Christina. We then went to the Tesco at Clapham High Street and got croissants for lunch.
After that we walked back to the office and then Char had to go, because I had to work again! (which I didn't for about 10 minutes or so).

In the afternoon I came to the conclusion I had kind of finished with my ideas for the colouring book, so I took them over to Hannah who was quite (pleasantly, I hope) surprised that I had drawn them. Well, I had just figured that was easier for me to do (and for her to look at) than copy-pasting so many links from Google.

In the morning Mauro had come to me with the question if I'd like to make some phone calls for him with Dutch publishers who hadn't comfirmed their meeting with Mauro yet. Strangely enough, he didn't come to me in the afternoon like he said he would.

What I did get to do in the afternoon was walk with a little suitcase around Clapham High Street and visit the charity shops that are there. We apparently had some posters left and the big boss wanted us to bring them around. I got to do this, which I didn't mind at all. The charity shops were very happy with the posters (and they all asked whether I had drawn them...).
Going to these shops brought me another delight! For one pound only, I was able to purchase the last book that was missing in my collection of Cecelia Ahern-books, namely 'A Place Called Here'!

When I got to leave, I went to Leicester Square where I was supposed to be meeting Vera, Charissa, Diederik and Kevin (the last two also being 'classmates') for a drink. Well, after 15 minutes of walking up and down (overground and underground) between the several exits of the station, I still hadn't spotted anyone and I couldn't get any signal, so I wasn't able to call anyone either.
Then, all of a sudden, when I came above the ground again, I received a phone call from Vera! What a timing! Turned out she had already walked to the square. We decided that she would walk over to me and I'd try to get a hold of Charissa in the mean while. Who turned out to still be on her shopping spree in the Primark.
So Vera and I had to wait, as the boys still weren't to bee seen.
After at least 15 minutes of waiting at the same spot, looking around for a familiar face, while being surrounded by a Spanish school class (this almost seemed like a conspiracy against the two of us!) .
When Charissa had arrived, we soon also spotted Kevin. After a couple of minutes we also saw Diederik and then we started the search for someplace to drink/eat.

We ended up in a small Italian restaurant that was between Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus. I was supposed to be eating at Tom & Amanda's later (they would leave me some food), but as the restaurant didn't do half pizzas, I was forced to get a whole one (which was very yummy, I must add).
A funny thing to mention is that we are all now convinced that the restaurant and its staff hate Charissa :P
It started off with her Primark-shopping bag standing in the way. Later, she changed her order. A sign of the hatred was the coke she ordered but wasn't brought to her!
Another  very good sign, was that Charissa (who had ordered the same pizza as Diederik and I) got the pizza on a plain plate, whilst ours said something funny about life and pizza.
For some reason, Char wanted them to hate her even more, so she left the crusts of her pizza on her plate and didn't eat them.
*joking about all the hating-stuff, but it was funny!*
After dinner we walked around for a bit in the direction of Piccadilly Circus. We came across 'Trocadero'. I had to go in to see whether it was the same 'shopping mall' my mom and I had been to when I went to London for the very first time, about five/six years ago.
Well, it was the same one, alright! I was very glad I'd finally found it, although it didn't hold quite as many shops as I remember (but my memory may have been a bit distorted over time).

After Trocadero we all decided to go home.
Back in Elm Park I cooked what had been left for me and a little bit of it, but I didn't like it very much.

I'll keep you posted,

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