zaterdag 12 mei 2012

No, that's not Scott Monument.

Today was the day I finally went to London!
After having breakfast at our B&B, my dad and I packed up our things again and drove towards Edinburgh. There we printed my trainticket, dropped off my luggage until I had to board the train and then we walked around in Princes Street. We actually found this discount store that also sold books, so we both bought 3 books for £5,- which is really cheap. I decided to buy three classics, as I was planning one reading a couple of them anyway, and they'll come in handy when preparing for or during studying English. I purchased Pride & Prejudice, The Picture of Dorian Gray and Wuthering Heights (:
There was some construction going on at Princes Street so there was a map to show where everything was, including Scott Monument. Scott Monument is a bit of a tower-like building with a statue of a man in the middle of it. Well, when we were looking at that map, we were standing right in front of the monument. There was another man also studying this map and he kept claiming that the tower-like building wasn't the monument. That was really weird, because when my dad and I got closer to it, it specifically stated that it was the monument.

After having a drink at Costa, it was time for my dad to get in the car and drive to Edinburgh Airport. While getting there, he apparantly wasn't very lucky: he was to deliver the car filled with gas like it was, but the petrol station was closed, so he was charged £3,- per liter! Furthermore his plane was delayed and all of a sudden he had to check in his little suitcase, because of Idontknowwhat. But he made is home safely!

In the meanwhile, I had to entertain myself. First I got a little something to eat. Then I looked around in a few shops, but there wasn't really anything interesting, so I decided to buy two bananas (figured I needed to eat something healthy after all the cholesterol and bad stuff that I ate in the past two days) and sit down to read a chapter of Never Let Me Go.
When I was finished reading I saw this man who had his luggage on a trolley (why didn't I see one before?), so I went to fetch a trolley and my luggage. Then I walked to Platform 19 and got in the train. Looking back, I might've ditched the trolley, because it wouldn't cooperate very well with me.
At 13.30 the train left Edinburgh and set off for a 4 hours and 25 minutes-long journey to London King's Cross.
I tried to get access to WiFi and it turned out every passenger got 15 minutes for free (in that time I uploaded the other two posts), but to top up those 15 minutes with more time, you needed a creditcard. So that wasn't going to work out.
Eventually I spent the rest of the journey typing some thingies, looking out of the window, taking very few photographs, listening to music and watching Mulan on my iPod.

At about 17.55 I arrived in London! Almost immediatly I was spotted by Amanda who guided  me to the Underground and then to her home. The house is actually barely 5 minutes walking to the tube station, which is terrific!

After arriving here, she showed me around the house and my room. Then I got to unpack and settle for a bit and afterwards we had supper.
Shortly after, we tried connecting my laptop to their WiFi, but my laptop just wouldn't have it. So now Amanda let me type this on her computer, which is very friendly of her (:
She had a talk with Tom and he said that one thing should be the password, but I'll just try that out tomorrow.

I actually think I'm gonna go to bed now (at 22.00, I know. At home I never go to bed this early!) and have some blissful sleep.

I'll keep you posted,

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