donderdag 3 mei 2012

My London-playlist

A trip always needs the company of some music. For my journey by train I got myself a playlist which includes songs that have London in the title. I actually still have never listened to some of them (but I will soon!).

In a random order:
  • Greyson Chance - Little London Girl
  • Amateur Transplants - London Underground
  • Coldplay - Cemeteries in London
  • Jamie Cullum - London Skies
  • Panic At The Disco - London beckoned Songs about Money written by Machines
  • 3 Doors Down - Landing in London (All I think about is You)
  • Girls Aloud - Swinging London Town
  • KANE - It's London Calling
  • ABC - Tower of London
  • Sweeney Todd (the film) - No place like London
  • Paul McCartney and Wings - London Town
  • Rancid - Tropical London
Quite a few, but still not very much.
Know any other London-songs? Please let me know!

I'll keep you posted,

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