woensdag 16 mei 2012

I'll be back in a minute!

Yesterday I was quite busy the whole day through, so that was good.
Christina was ill, so I got to sit behind the 'big' computer. But because Christina was ill, Maddy had to do her postal deliveries very quickly. She explained to me how to answer the phone just in case she someone did ring in the minute that she was out, although it wasn't very likely that someone would call in that short period.
So Maddy went out the door. And the phone rang. It literally started the ringing as soon as the door closed! So I answered and the person on the other line asked to speak to someone. Well, that wasn't really hard, so I looked up the list to see what number I needed to dial for that person: and it wasn't on it! Fortunately, Maddy came back at that moment and took over: turned out the person that was needed is in France and not on the list. Seriously! Of all people that guy had to pick her to call! :') God, that was nervewrecking.

Most things I did yesterday were preparing author copies to be sent and franking the envelopes of those.
At one time there were so many catalogues that needed to be franked, that Maddy and I did it together just to get rid of it quicker.

Furthermore, I finished filing the business cards for Pinelopi. While I was doing that someone, I think she's called Vicky, came to me to explain me about what the people at the UK sales-division do, which was really good, because to be honest I'd thought there'd be a lot more economics involved! It actually sounded quite fun as well, you know, trying to get bookshops to buy and sell your books.
After or before that Sophie from the children's division came up to me to see if I could come up with some ideas for a new drawing book. So that was nice and different to do (:
Before I can tell you what else I did, I must explain a little bit: the books at MOM also usually have an ebook version. Well, there are two types: sony reader and kindle. When turning the normal file into an ereader file, things might go wrong, so Christina and Maddy have to look up these mistakes and type them out.
Well, what I had to do was to 'collate' the mistakes of both types of ereader: see what mistakes are the same and also put it all in chronological order.

Also I met Jonny, who took over Maddy's desk when she was out to get lunch. He was also really nice.

Oh, and remember the London Underground-song I posted once? Well, since the big bosses are out in France, Mauro and some other people from foreign sales upstairs were playing songs and they asked Maddy and me whether we knew any songs. I said that I knew one about the London Underground. I don't know exactly what they thought of it, but a lot of noise came from upstairs :P

That was practically my whole day. In the evening I just went straight home and had supper with Tom and Amanda. They invited me to come to dinner on Friday with them and another friend who'll be staying over for a couple of days and apparently speaks perfect English.

I ended the day by finishing watching the film on my laptop.

OH AND: Tom is a miracle man! He fixed WiFi on my laptop! Turns out Amanda and I didn't use the password correctly: we thought it was either the letters of the numbers, but it actually is the letters and the numbers, including the / that is between them!

I'll keep you posted,

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