zondag 27 mei 2012

One Short Day in the Emerald City

I apologize for not posting any earlier but the last three days have been quite a blur, because I've done quite a lot! So now I'm going to try my hardest to remember what I've done on Thursday! This is gonna be hard...

Well, we started reading the papers. After that I phoned the last publisher for Mauro (they hadn't picked up the phone yet, before). Well, of course, the person I needed to talk to was ill, so I left a message with her colleague to email Mauro and Mauro seemed content with that!
Then I continued reading the ebook and I was doing quite well, so I decided I wanted to finish it before lunch. This resulted in having lunch half an hour later than I usually go out for lunch, but I finished the ebook! Man, it's not exactly a really interesting book. But perhaps that's just me, because it's a autobiography and before I had never even heard of the guy. So, maybe it is a good treat for his actual fans.
For lunch I got a sandwich and decided to sit in the park. There I ate and read my book for a bit. After I'd had enough with the park, I went into some shops, but didn't buy anything (though one shop had this really cute jam-making set, with pots and labels and such). I went to get a frozen yoghurt and went back to the office.

In the afternoon I got several jobs to do: read the new Employee's Handbook and compare it to the old, to see if there were any differences (and highlight the differences). Also, for one of the big bosses Lesley, I had to look up the addresses of Swedish publishers (they're planning a visit to Sweden) and I finished cutting out and sticking all the would-be stickers. And then I got to do the regular thing: author/publicity copies and franking the post of the day!

After work (I could leave half an hour early) I decided to go straight to Victoria, so I could go to the theatre and collect my ticket beforehand. You see, the ticket I had was for the R20-something in the Stalls. So a seat in the pink area of the map you see below.
So after some thinking I decided to upgrade my ticket, because I don't think there will be another time that I'm going to Wicked again, so I'd better enjoy the view! The upgrade was 27,50p and that ended up giving me the seat P27 in the Circle (so the first row of red seatings and then the middle one, on the last row). VERY GOOD VIEW!
And the original price for such a ticket is 90 pounds! So even having upgraded, it's still cheaper (I now know what to do the next time I want such a good seat!)
After collecting my ticket I walked around for a bit and got some food at a pub that's attached to Victoria Station. Very good food!

Then.... it was time to see WICKED!
The theatre itself is completely decorated to fit the show (I wonder what will happen to the decorations once they stop with Wicked [if they ever stop]). I decided to finally legalize my listening to songs from Wicked and purchased the CD.

The show itself was AMAZING! Really, it was soo good! Now I finally know in what order the songs are supposed to be and how they fit in with the situations (after listening to them for more than 2 years, I still didn't know).
I did have to do some adjusting, as this was performed by British people and the songs I listened to were from the original Broadway cast with Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel (I really regret that I'll never be able to see them perform this musical, because they're so good!).
But nonetheless, the cast was really good!
God, I'd love to see it again some time... Well, who knows? I might one day go to NYC and decide I want to see a musical there as well... ^^

The show was over way too soon and on my way back in the tube I listened to the songs some more and enjoyed the fact that now I know what happens when they sing the songs.
It was a really good evening!

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