dinsdag 15 mei 2012

Oh no!

Yesterday was my first day at Michael O'Mara Books.
I had to start at 10am, which is a really good time (especially because it means that in Holland it's 11am by then :P). So I just got up, ate breakfast and out the door I went!
The tube ride to Clapham North is quite long, but being the Londoner I am, I just sat and read my book while listening to music (that's just how I roll, ya know :P).

By the time I arrived at the station I felt the occasional flutters in my stomach, but the building was quite easy to find (this was actually because I'd looked up and walked the route on Google Maps, probably wouldn't have found it if I hadn't).

There I met Madeleine (or Maddy) and Christina, who are both working the reception/post room. I got appointed my own desk including a Macbook (but to be honest, I just prefer a normal laptop).
For starters, Maddy took me around when she delivered the post, so I could see the several buildings that Michael O'Mara is in and she also introduced me to quite a lot of people (I only remember a couple of names though).
Since it's actually not that busy at the moment, I didn't have that much interesting things to do, but that was alright, 'cause I don't think I'd have been able to handle anything that challenging yet.
I started out by filling in the euro prizes for some books on iTunes (this took quite a while, but it was alright to do). Furthermore, I had to collect some books and form them into packets and get them ready to be sent out and also I had to organize/file Pinelopi's business cards (there were quite a lot of them!). To be honest, I can't completely remember what else I did (that's how exciting it was :P), but overall I had quite a good day!
I can take a lunchbreak whenever I want and I can stay away for an hour (which I actually find a bit too long)!
During the day, we actually had a power cut! Really, all of a sudden all the lights went out and so did the computers. This resulted in lots of 'Oh no!'s coming from Maddy, which sounded really funny because she's got such an English accent.
It turned out to be quite local, because up until including Clapham North (the tube station) no longer had power, but the other way (which is headed to Clapham Common) did have power! How weird is that? It probably had something to do with some construction workers who are working on a place on the Lion Yard (which is where our offices are situated as well).
At first, I was the only one able to continue working, because I had a laptop, but later the internet stopped working as well, so none of us could do anything :')
In the end (after nearly an hour!) the power went back on again, which disappointed a lot of people because they'd been hoping to go home early.

At 5pm I got to leave, so I started texting Vera and Charissa (we had agreed to meet on Trafalgar Square). And after a tube ride, a short walk in the wrong way, then a walk in the right way, the decision to take the bus instead to prevent getting lost, I was at Trafalgar Square!
After a short phone call I spotted Charissa and not much later we were joined by Vera. Charissa asked us to sing her a birthday song, so she would feel more like it was her birthday. So we did what she wanted and embarassed her by singing Happy Birthday a little to loudly for her liking (^^).
Then we walked around for a bit, on the look out for a place to eat and we ended up in this tiny Italian restaurant near Embankment park (and station), which is actually where we walked past last year! I had no idea!
Well, the lasagne was really good and Charissa liked her birthday present (we both gave money so she could finally buy the bag she wanted so badly but thought too expensive).

After dinner we went for a walk to the London Eye. We collected our tickets and were led into a weird room, where we apparently were waiting for the 4D-experience of the London Eye. It turned out that was included in our ticket (for free). Well, despite having to wear the most hideous 3D-glasses ever, it was quite cool! Way better quality than that used in a cinema.
Then it was finally time to get on the London Eye and it was really cool! We could see Buckingham Palace, the Penis-building (no idea what it's really called) and lots of other buildings! Quite amazing.
After that, we walked around for a bit and ended up having a chat with a guard at Downing Street. He was really friendly, so that was nice.

I believe it was about 9.15pm by then, so it was about time we went back home. Charissa had to take the Bakerloo Line and Vera and I the Nothern Line (if I remember correctly), so we split up.
Luckily, Vera also had to travel on the District Line for a bit afterward, so we could travel together some more. She intended on getting off at Cannon street, but the train just passed that station (apparently, it doesn't stop there after 8pm), so she had to get off at the next station and figure out how and where to go :P

When I got back, I finally "met" Tom (I've met him before, about 3 years ago), who had been away for business. I actually sat down with Tom and Amanda for quite a bit until it was time to go to bed (which is also why I hadn't written this yesterday).

I'm afraid I must disappoint you, because I don't think I'll be writing about today tonight (I'm quite tired), so you'll have to wait until tomorrow for that!

I'll keep you posted,

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