zondag 13 mei 2012

Huh, swimsuit models?

Today was the first actual day I spent in Elm Park (where my hosts live) and in London.

When I woke up this morning, Amanda had already gone to church (I believe she's a priest), so I made myself some breakfast. Believe it or not, I tried making toast twice. And it got burned, twice. It's just because here they don't have a toaster but make it by using some kind of mix between an oven and a grill. Well, it got my toast black.

After a shower, I decided to leave Amanda a note and head into the city! My initial plan was to go to Covent Garden, but then the Underground also stopped at 'Tower Hill', so I got out and saw the Tower of London (I didn't go in, because I had already been there about 5 years ago). From there on, I started walking into a direction that I didn't know where it would take me to. I passed the rebuilt Globe theatre (might go inside there sometime during these 2 weeks) and walked across the Millenium Bridge.
Then, I got a text from Charissa, that she was on her way to Oxford street, so I had to overcome the challenge of finding another Underground-station, so I could go there as well.
During this adventure I came across this very little street, with just a few shops and places to eat, but it looked really fun! I think it was called something like Gabriel's blablabla.

Anyways! Soon after that I had finally found Waterloo Station and the Jubilee line took me straight to the stop 'Bond Street', which is situated on Oxford street! I bought myself a crepe with nutella and waited for Charissa. And waited. And waited.
Finally, she arrived! Apparently she had been a little confused or whatever when taking the tube and bus.
We decided to do a little shopping: I ended up with a T-shirt from H&M and a dress that was on sale from Topshop (:
Then we went to the McDonald's to go to the toilet and afterwards we bought a postcard to send to our English teacher (the one in charge of the work experiences). We decided it'd be fun to go to Piccadilly Circus to see if we could find the M&Ms store.

On the way, we walked on Regent Street and Carnaby street (love, love, love Carnaby street!). There was one shop on Regent Street that was really weird: we walked past it and suddenly these guys that were only wearing a swimsuit caught our eyes! Apparantly, that's what they did for their job: stand in the doorway wearing a swimsuit.
We also visited Hamleys, an HMV (where I bought a film to watch on my laptop) and the Ferrari store (Charissa wanted to buy something for her uncle there).

Finally we'd made it to Piccadilly Circus and after having asked someone who was carrying an M&Ms bag, where the store was, we found it! It's huge and they've got many, many M&Ms goodies. I ended up buying some M&Ms, because you can pick all the colours yourself (including silver and gold).
I was disappointed by one thing though: I had anticipated that they'd have all sorts of different M&Ms flavours but all they had were crispy, milk chocolate and peanut. AKA, they didn't have the one with peanutbutter that I love so much.

After that, it was about time to head back to Elm Park again. Amanda and I had lasagne for supper and after that we tried finding a way to connect my laptop to WiFi, but we failed. So I'm typing this from Amanda's laptop, again.
On Tuesday she'll probably ring the company to see if they know how to do it. I guess my laptop's just being stubborn.

At the moment I've paused watching a film to type this and to finish and send some exercises to one of the kids that I tutor (he's got a test on Wednesday, so I promised him I'd send some exercises).

Tomorrow's my first day at work and I'm really excited! Also, I'm going to the London Eye tomorrow evening and according to Amanda it's amazing and really worth the money (:

I'll keep you posted,

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  1. Dear chrissie :D
    Amanda's right, the london eye is really amazing :) except when there are weerd japanese guys who are afraid of heights and want to get out as soon as the wheel began to turn, so the wheel had to stop and turn the other way.. :S
    well nevermind :)
    I love you, buy me a nice pressie and I'll read your posts as much as possible <3