donderdag 17 mei 2012


Today was again not very busy.
We started again by reading the papers after which I continued drawing out some ideas for the colouring book (I think Hannah meant that I had to google images, but I thought it was too much of a hassle to make collages or whatever for every little idea, so I decided to draw. Which I think is funner and more creative anyway! I'm wondering what Hannah will think...)

At 1pm I went out to get some lunch and since I'd spotted a Subway on Clapham High Street last Monday, I figured it was time get my lunch there. Well, I had never ordered something at a Subway before, so my choice wasn't based on experience at all. I chose for the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki with an Italian sandwich and some cucumber and lettuce on it. It was soooooooo good. Literally, out of this world. Seriously. Way better than the chicken sandwiches that are sold at school!

After lunch Maddy asked if I'd like to do something else for a while and well, after spending the whole morning drawing, I didn't mind!
So, remember when I told you I had to collate the mistakes that were found in the ebook versions of a book? Well, today I got the assignments to read such an ebook on the lookout for mistakes. The process looked a bit like what you see in the picture on the right.

Maddy and Christina were both nearly bored to death because things were so quiet. At one moment, Christina went to get water from a watertank (you know, those big things that always make a funny sound when you're getting water from it). And she dropped the glass. It got spilled all over a box with envelopes (somehow the envelopes didn't get wet!) and later when she was getting a towel to dry things, she stumbled over the box with envelopes.

Christina on the left and Maddy on the right!
Maddy said that since Christina's been working there (which is about for three months - she came there after she did her work experience in January) she had broken four glasses already! Luckily for Christina, this time it didn't break. But I guess it's safe to say Christina's a bit clumsy.
Oh and just before I left I took a picture of them, so you've got an idea who these people are!
I got to leave about half an hour early, because the ebook-thing isn't in a hurry and there wasn't much else to do.
On my way to Clapham North I stumbled across this shop that, I think, sells all sorts of vintage things. Well, to be honest, my attention was drawn by a sign outside that said "BOOK SALE. ALL BOOKS 1 POUND". Seriously, who would be able to resist THAT?
So I went in and came out with a book for my dad and a little something for my big sis'!

Back in Elm Park I tried to purchase a travelcard for a week (work will reimburse the costs for that), but it somehow didn't work at the shop. So I went back to the station and tried getting one from a machina, but that didn't accept cash or my bank card. Which was a bummer as the actual person you can buy one from had already left. Also, I've only figured out now that the travelcard thing is way cheaper in the long run, because when you buy it, you pay a lot of money, but then you get to travel unlimited for a week. Should've known that, because now I'm stuck with an oyster card that charges 4.90 for a single trip to work >:[
After that I had dinner - first time ever I ate turkey! It was good, but a bit dry. I suppose that whether it's dry or not depends on the way you cook it!
After dinner, Tom and Amanda had to leave quickly, because they had to lead an evening mass for Ascension day. So I decided to do the dishes for them! (I know, I'm so good :P haha) There's one thing however that I don't understand: they've got a dishwasher, but everyday they wash the dishes by hand... It's a mystery!

When Tom and Amanda had left, I watched the two new Glee episodes and during one of them I was playing with an earring. And broke it. Oops.
Note to self: do not ever play with earrings that in someway could be broken when being played with!

Hmmm. I find it rather interesting that I've somehow managed to write so much about so little! Well, I hope you enjoyed it!

I'll keep you posted,

ps. most people chose the polka-dotted dress and then my dad comes along and chooses for the dress on the left... very helpful! *coughs innocently*

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