zondag 20 mei 2012

I understand completely.

Today I had agreed to meet Vera at 9.30 at Cannon Street. Well, when I got on the tube, it turned out Cannon Street is closed on weekends, so we decided to meet at Monument (this meant Vera had to walk a bit and would probably arrive later). Because I didn't feel like waiting 20 minutes in the same place, I decided to stay on the tube and go the Mansion House (which is the stop after Cannon Street/Monument), where I got off and got on the train back after which I stepped out at Monument. Yes, exciting, right?

When Vera arrived we went to get a drink at Starbucks. I had a Caramel Macchiato and she had a Chai Tea Latte. Her drink was quite odd, but rather nice.
We walked around for a bit and found the Monument itself (quite weird it's just called Monument and doesn't have some other name, isn't it?) and decided very randomly to climb it!

the Monument! Doesn't really look like something that can be
climbed, does it?
It's to commemorate the fire of London that took place in
1666. The Monument was built between 1671 - 1677.
So, we paid the 2 pounds for entrance and set off to climb these 311 steps. It was quite tiring, really! And you went round and round and round. But the view was worth it! We got to see quite a bit of London, although when you're up there, you don't really realize you're 50 metres above the ground because there are so much other buildings that are that much higher.

After we had descended the Monument, we took a stroll towards the Tower of London. During this stroll we made a stop at a very curious place: the ruin of a church which is now a bit like a garden. Also, it was right next to the office where Vera works.
The view from the Monument.
During our stroll we also made a pit-stop at a souvenirs shop, where we bought some interesting things (my family will know what as soon as I get home).

Having reached the tower, we got onto the tube to South Kensington. We walked a bit around, searching for Harrod's (as we had planned to go there).
On the way, we passed some nice shops (where we actually found books published by Michael O'Mara!) and a SNOG.
We looked at each other and decided to get a snog. Well, with this I don't mean the snog-kiss, but the snog-frozen yoghurt.
It was really good!
Here's how it works: you choose a size, a flavour and up to three toppings. I chose for a natural, classic-sized snog with strawberries, white chocolate stars and bits of brownie.
Vera had the same size and flavour, but with strawberries, blackberries (no, not the phones!) and miniature oreo cookies!
The Garden within a ruin of a church.
Here's what it looked like!
Quite good, don't you think? Well, it was delish!

Having stuffed ourselves with these little bites of heaven, we continued our search for Harrod's. Soon enough, we found it and entered the world of where posh (and preferably rich) people shop.
It was amazing. Everything Most things were so beautiful!
But, surprise, surprise, I bought something! A really lovely apron (:

After having gawked at all the beauty of Harrod's in about two hours, we took the tube to Leicester Square, where we got a sandwich at Subway and chose Covent Garden over Chinatown (sorry, Chinatown!).
There we just wandered around. It was really nice to see it again, as the first (and last) time I had been there was about 4/5 years ago! You know, back when I was still a little guppie.

It was 5pm waaaay to quickly and then I had to get on the tube again and head back to Elm Park. I thought I was being clever: taking the Piccadilly Line at Leicester Square to Holborn, there get on the Central Line and then get on the District Line at Embankment.
Should've thought twice.
When I arrived at Holborn, it turned out the Central Line was closed, so I had to go back to Leicester Square, get on the Northern Line, travel to someplace and get on the District Line from there.

When I got back, we took a cab to what Tom had figured was the only decent pub in Elm Park. Well, as West Ham had won an important football-match that afternoon and Bayern had to play against Chelsea that night, it was quite busy.
After finishing our drinks, we walked back and went to an Indian restaurant. There I had some delicious Tandoori Chicken Mango Massala. Really lovely!

And now I'm here!

Interesting detail: I bit on my cheek five times today! According to Tom it's a sign of tiredness. He might be right about that, because I'm completely knackered.
The past week I've been thinking people that have their eyes closed/are sleeping when on the tube were quite odd, but during the trip back home, I admit I closed my eyes as well. It just feels really nice when you're tired: the slight feeling of movement and listening to you're music. Suppose  I should go to sleep now, as I'm planning to see a lot tomorrow as well!

I'll keep you posted,

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