woensdag 23 mei 2012

I don't know anything about a meeting.

First and foremost I'd like to thank 2 very generous sponsors who have decided they want to make sure I survive my last days in London as well, without starving or having to walk for miles due to the tube that no longer could be afforded. So thank you! Thou shall be given rewards upon the arrival of thy beloved daughter!

Today wasn't so busy either at work, but I did get to do quite a lot of different things, which is good!

Once again (and I have the slightest suspision we will do the same tomorrow and Friday as well) we read the papers! There wasn't much news in celeb-world, so the only things we had to pass on were the things about the Royal family (with the Jubilee celebrations coming up, there's something about them in the papers everyday!).

After that I continued reading the ebook, I'm now at page 180-something out of 251, so I'm hoping to finish it before I leave (might also be convenient for Maddy and Christina).
When I was reading the book, Maddy came to me with something else that I had to do: read the new version of the Employee's handbook and compare it to the old one, to see which things had changed.

For lunch, I went out with Maddy, Christina and Florence and Lill(ian) from Foreign Sales. They wanted to have lunch together, because Florence is moving back to France on Saturday. We sat in a park, enjoying the fantastic weather and before returning to the office we got some ice cream!

Back at the office I had a short conversation with Hannah who had really liked some of my ideas and said they'll definitely using them in the colouring book (my ideas will be famous!)!
Shortly after I got two other things to do: I had to prepare some books to be sent to winners of some competition for Jessica and later I had to do something else for Hannah again: I have to try out to see whether all the stickers they think they need for the new stickerbook match with the 'drawings' they need to be stuck on in the stickerbook.
Furthermore, I called some more Dutch publishers for Mauro. The calls were quite unnerving as most people didn't know who Mauro was or that they had an appointment. I'm starting to wonder whether Mauro had arranged these meetings already at all...

When I got back to Elm Park and had rested for a bit, Tom and I set out to get some fish and chips (Amanda wasn't eating at home). Also, he purchased some mayonaise especially for me.
So, the fish and chips. They were nice, but the chips really should've been fried longer as they were really soft instead of crispy.

After supper, I spent some time in the garden reading and eating Greek yoghurt with Tom's homemade raspberry jam.
Then I chatted for a bit with Tom and Amanda about poetry, checking me in for my flight (which we will be able to do 24 hours prior flying) and Foyles (which appears to be an amazing bookshop and I'm going to have to find some time to visit it :P).

After that I retreated to my room to watch the final Glee episode of season 3, which was quite an emotional and surprising one and writing this blog!

I'll keep you posted (including tomorrow only 4andahalfmoredays! D:),

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