donderdag 17 mei 2012

Just casually strutting down the road, eating bacon.

Christina was back again today, which I reckon is good, 'cause it means she isn't dying or anything.

We started out by flipping through today's papers and forwarding everything trend- or celebrity-related to someone else in the company. Still don't know exactly what we're doing it for, but whatever.

After that, I didn't really have anything to do for a while, so I finished with my ideas for the new 'drawing'-book and emailed them. Thankfully Sophie thought there were some good ideas in there!

Then I did nothing for a while again, after which Jonny came to give me something to do: I again had to come up with ideas that could be used in a girls' doodling book. It was quite fun and I think I came up with a lot. Later I emailed him to ask what he thought of it and he actually liked some of the stuff!

After that I prepared a few author copies, sorted out and organized some magazines of Vicky's that are somehow book-related, had lunch and was then approached by Hannah, who also works at the childrens department and also needed ideas. I actually came up with a whole load, so I emailed them. When I later spoke to her again, she said she liked the ideas, but that she also wanted me to create a bit of a visual image to go with them, so they could give the illustrator better directions if the ideas would be used.
So that was practically what I did the rest of the day. I know it's not that much, but there just wasn't much to do today: Maddy and Christina were also trying to find something to do.

When I was on the way back to Clapham North, I did see something quite odd: there was a man, all suited up, eating bacon straight from the package, without anything else. That was so weird.

Also, when I was walking from Elm Park to home, I walked past this bridal shop and there were only three people in there. All three were men.

During dinner Tom and Amanda once again pointed out that the restaurant we're going to has a dresscode, namely: black tie. Right, need to figure out which of my dresses goes best with that dresscode. Wait, I'll just take a picture and show you:
Which one do you reckon is most black tie-suited?
I really don't know... I was thinking about the one on the left....

I'll keep you posted,

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  1. Helemaal rechts vind ik, maar Frits zegt links!
    Liefs je zusje

  2. ik zeg ook rechts!
    xx je andere zus <3