zaterdag 19 mei 2012

Posh peeps.

I apologize for not having posted anything yesterday, but to be honest I was quite tired and felt more like reading my book (which I've finished now! As well as my other book = need to buy a book ASAP!)

Let's see whether I can remember what I did...

Well, we started at work by reading the papers and picking out the 'important' things. I've learned that Michael O'Mara is a publisher that doesn't really produce much fiction, more biographies about celebrities (depending on what celebrity is 'hot and happening' [no, they didn't phrase it that way], which is why we read the papers), general knowledge books, 'funny' books and books for children (especially activity books).

I spent most of the day reading the ebook (which to be honest, isn't really an interesting book) and searching for mistakes (haven't found many yet!) and every so often I prepared some publicity/author copies for sending, which is actually a bit brain-dead but sort of fun to do.
In the afternoon I had a short talk with George, who is an editorial assistant, and he explained to me a bit about how their books come into existence and so on. He was really nice and said that if I wanted to talk again, or talk to someone else, I'd just have to email him and he'd try to arrange it.

I left about a quarter earlier than usual, because I'd agreed to meet Tom, Amanda and their Norwegian friend Anna in front of that Charing Cross hotel at half five (which is 5.30! yes, weird right?).
After everybody had arrived we had a short walk to Rule's restaurant, which claims to be the oldest restaurant in the UK (according to some, it's the oldest in the world!).
Well, taking that fact into consideration, you can imagine how posh it was. It was quite beautiful.
We started off with some starters. The menu was really something for posh people (e.g.: quail on toast, pressed rabbit, ox cheeks, horseradish and such things).
I chose for the Caramelized Cox's Apple Salad as a starter. I expected it to be a bit like the endive-salad (I really don't think endive is the correct word for andijvie, but anyways) I sometimes make at home (oh, and I've been eating some salads during dinner here; I know that'll surprise you mom, I'm surprised as well, though I don't particularly like it that much). Boy, was I disappointed. It consisted out of lettuce (obviously), some really weird dressing that I didn't really like, hidden bits of cheese and four teeny tiny miniscule pieces of apple (how dare they call it an APPLE salad?).

Well, my main course however, was really good. I had duck breast, cooked medium, and it was delightful. The best I've had since the one I had in Surinam (not that I eat duck so often, but still). Really nice 'crust'/skin. (It's quite odd how there's so much more to say when you don't like something compared to when you do like something).
After that we also had a dessert and I chose for the White & Dark Chocolate Arctic Roll. Very interesting dessert. Very nice. Some where hidden in the roll there was a fruit-flavour, which made it even more excellent.

After dinner, we walked a bit through London, past the Eye, over one of the two spaghetti-bridges and we went to the Plaza Hotel, which is where Anna had been staying for a couple of days, to pick up Anna's luggage (because now she's staying over at Tom and Amanda's as well).

When we got back at The Vicarage (which is actually how Tom and Amanda's house is called), we spent the evening in the lounge. Them talking with Anna, whilst (HA, first time ever I used that instead of 'while) I was reading my book and occasionally taking part in the conversation.

Having only 50 pages left when I went to bed, I decided to just go for it and finally finish it. It was a really good book (Post voor Mevrouw Bromley by Stefan Brijs). Stefan Brijs is actually one of the very few Dutch authors that I like.
And that's how the day ended (remembered it quite well!).

I'll keep you posted,

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